Top festivals in Mexico!

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Top festivals in Mexico!

If Mexico it’s rich of something, it’s in culture. Festivals, fairs and parades are perfect occasion to learn and experience all the good things Mexico have for you. Music, dancing, movies and traditions are some of the topics you can find in festival all over the country. And now we are going to print you the 5 festivals in Mexico that are essential during your stay in this country.


1. Festival Internacional Cervantino

The beautiful city of Guanajuato is known for its alleys, mummies, tunnels (that are perfectly well structured) and for hosting The annual International Cervantino Festival.

In October you have one of the most complete festival in all over the world. Great artist, performances and films of Mexico and other countries get around in Guanajuato state. Remember this is one of the trips you can find in the events section.


2. Festival Internacional del Globo (León, México).

The other big festival in Guanajuato state its located in Leon city, imagine a weekend of camping in the shore of the lake in the biggest park of the city, in the morning with the dawn you can watch the spectacular take off of hundreds of hot air balloons. 

But it’s not all the show, when the night papers a show with de hot ir balloons start, accompanied with a performance of rock or Mexican music.


3. San Marcos Fair (Aguascalientes, Mexico).

The San Marcos Fair considered ” Fair Mexico ” is the most important popular celebration of the city of Aguascalientes, a place to enjoy music, sports and Mexican food. The dos important day of the fair it’s on April 25th because its San Marcos day.

If reading its what you prefer this is the best opportunity to learn about new books, get in touch with your favorite authors and spend some money in rare books. A great way to close the year in Guadalajara city.

More info:


4. International Book Fair (Guadalajara, Mexico).

A festival of dancing, color, music and traditions, a opportunity one of the best faces of Mexico, If you don’t got a plan for the summer, this festival in Oaxaca city should be in you plans.


by Carlos Borbollon

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