Forever alone ¡top sites!

Top 5: Museums you should visit in Mexico City!
12 julio, 2016
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27 julio, 2016

Forever alone ¡top sites!

Did you just break up with your Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Do you feel you cannot live without him/her?

DON´T PANIC! The first thing you may want to do is call him/her but that is not the best idea. Whatever the situation is, let some time pass between the break up and “that phone call” you don’t want to say something you could later regret.

Meanwhile you need to keep your mind occupied, so here are some ideas of fun activities you can do by your own in Mexico City, again these are some ideas but the list could be infinite…


1. Visit museums

Did you know Mexico City is the city with more museums in the world? The diversity of museums in enormous, from big ones as Museo Nacional de Antropología to small or peculiar ones as Chocolate museum, you will want to visit them all. Visit museums alone is a great thing to do, you can take your time to appreciate all the things and be as fast or slow as you want, and at the same time you increase your culture. 

If you want to know more about Mexico City´s museums, you can read:

2. Go to the movies

Yes, it could sound like a romantic plan, but the movies are always a good way to stop thinking about the things that are stressing you out (like a break up).  

There are many good things about going alone to the movies;

a) you can pick the movie without arguing.

b) all the delicious food (popcorn, nachos and candies) is only for you… or

c) you can profoundly cry or loudly laugh without anyone judging you for being over dramatic.

As an extra idea, The Cineteca Nacional, shows some commercial movies as well as more artistic ones, this combined with the impressive architecture of the place, and the huge size of the screens will make a great experience.

They also have events in the yard, so you can bring your blanket and watch a movie lying on the grass.

3. Walking in Condesa

What a beautiful place to walk alone! La Condesa, one of the nicest areas of the city, offers a variety of options to spend time while you can enjoy the nice weather. One of the popular places in Condesa is Parque México a good point to start your walk because the park is surrounded by many restaurants, coffee shops, and original stores. The area is full of young and friendly people, having a good time there is guarantee. 

How to get there: 

Metrobus- Chilpancingo Station.

Bus- (CISA) Michoacán Station. 

Bike- There are 2 EcoBici stations and many park spots for your own bike.

4. Tour Bus

Probably you have ride one of those red or pink buses without roof on the second floor, or maybe you haven´t because you excuse yourself saying that you have been in all the places those buses go. It is true that you don´t need the bus without roof to go around the city, but it is a great idea to go by your own. In the way from stop to stop there is an audio explaining facts about the city and its buildings some of those facts you cannot read in the typical tourist books. 

There are two main companies that offer the service each one has many different routes, the most popular is the one that goes to downtown, but there are some fun ones as Xochimilco, Polanco, and even Puebla. For more info, you can go directly to Zocalo where they have their stands, just next to the cathedral.

5. Bosque de Chapultepec

If you are the kind of active person this is your best option, put your pants and tennis shoes on because you will need them. It is well known that doing exercise have a direct impact on the happiness level of a person, and what a better idea than doing exercise surrounded by trees but without leaving the city.

Bosque de Chapultepec is huge and offers many different areas to go, there are restaurants, cafeterias, museums, lakes and even a zoo within the space, the best part is that cars are not allowed in all areas so you will only see few. 

Angelina Moreira, 2016

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